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Mark your Calendar for May 4 & 5!

For more than 20 years, the IAP2 Wild Rose Chapter has brought its members a one or two day event, every other year, to bring new learnings, share best practices, and strengthen the practice. Once agan, IAP2 Wild Rose Chapter is thrilled to bring members the Signature Event 2017. This year, the event will be held in Edmonton at the Alfred Savage Centre (13204 Fox Dr NW, Edmonton) on May 4 and 5.

We apologize for an e-newsletter sent in error earlier today, entitled 'February 2017 Newsletter'. Please find the accurate newsletter, below.

Mark your calendar for the IAP2 Wild Rose AGM and Signature Event!

While it's hard to believe, given the mile high snowdrifts and slushy streets throughout Alberta, spring will be upon us before we know it! That means it's time for the IAP2 Wild Rose's Annual General Meeting and Signature Event.

Message from the President, Amanda Kaiser

It's been another interesting, busy and challengng year for many P2 practitioners in Alberta this year.

In 2016, the IAP2 Wild Rose Board of Directors focused on how we can provide the best member value in the form of learning events and coffee klatches throughout the year.

IAP2 WR Board Member Profile


Rebecca McElhoes leads IAP2 WR's Communications initiatives and is the Manager of Community Relations for TransCanada's projects in British Columbia.


WR: What is IAP2 WR's most important function in your opinion?

Along with a new "freshness" in the air, and leaves floating to the ground, Autumn 2016 finds the IAP2 WildRose Chapter Board ready and eager to continue to pursue the initiatives we identified for the year at our Spring Board retreat.

2016 IAP2 Wild Rose Board Retreat


On April 15th, approximately 30 IAP2 Wild Rose members from Calgary, Edmonton and beyond were in attendance at the annual AGM, held in Edmonton, to see a new slate of Board members announced. This new slate of Board members includes four new Directors at Large, a youth Director, a Secretary and Treasurer.

Map for Parking at 2016 AGM and Collaborative Negotiation Session

We are looking forward to seeing you tomorrow! Pease find the map to alternate parking spaces below.





Register now for Collaborative Negotiation Session and AGM!

Join fellow IAP2 members and P2 practitioners to learn about and build skills in collaborative negotiation, practice using negotiation skills, and share and take away new insights about how to use collaborative negotiation skills in your own work.